Where and how to set up your FIZIQUE Suspension Trainer

Posted by Bronwen Scholtz on 19th Jul 2017

Suspension trainers are all about body weight exercise.  They develop strength, balance, core and flexibility, all at the same time.  Suspension Trainers are manufactured from a series of reinforced webbing straps that are anchored to a sturdy point that can support the users body weight.  Suspension trainers allow you to preform your workout, indoors, outdoors or even while you travel for work or on holiday.  You can even take your suspension trainer with you to the gym and attach it to any stable pole or rack.  

So here are a few installation guidelines to get you started:

How much space do I need?

suspension trainer can be used in any space you have available but to make the most of your workout it is best to have an area about 3 m long but about 2 m wide. The floor should be flat and non-slip.

How high should the anchor point be?

The anchor point must be strong enough to support more than your body weight.  You must always test it thoroughly before starting to exercise.  The ideal height for your anchor point is between 2.5m and 3 m off the ground.


1.  The FIZIQUE Door Anchor

FIZIQUE Suspension Trainer Door Anchor

The quickest and easiest way to set up your suspension trainer is with the door mount.  Find a door that opens away from you and can lock - very important - and then slide the door anchor over the top of the door and close it.  The red thicker portion should be on the the other side of the door and the black thinner strap facing towards you.  Your body weight will keep pulling the door closed.

The suspension trainer has a carabiner hook on the top which then connects through the black webbing strap that is facing you.

2.  The FIZIQUE Wall Mount

FIZIQUE Suspension Trainer Wall Mount

The wall mount can be used to mount the suspension trainer to a wall or the ceiling (solid slab only not a regular ceiling).  If you mount the suspension trainer to the wall you should mount it about 3 m above the ground with enough room on both sides to exercise freely.  If you can mount it to the ceiling you now have a system that a full 360 degree range of motion. 

3.  Overhead Beam

If you have a sturdy overhead beam you can use the top webbing strap and wrap it around the beam.  you need to wrap it around as many times as necessary to get the suspension trainer to the correct height.

4.  Functional Training Rig or Weight Rack

Using the same webbing straps as described above you can attach the suspension trainer to the top of any fixed, sturdy rig or weight rack.  Just ensure that it is sturdy and bolted to the floor before exercising.


1. A Tree

You can wrap the webbing strap around any thick, low branch.  Make sure the branch is sturdy by testing it with your entire bodyweight.

2.  A Playground Jungle Gym

You can wrap the webbing strap around any high mounting point until it is at the correct height.  Always check that the mounting is safe and secure before you start exercising.

Once you have found the perfect mount it is time to start exercising and getting the most out of your FIZIQUE suspension trainer.

Have fun and enjoy!!!!!!

Suspension Trainers and Wall Mounts can be purchased online from FIZIQUE