• Ankle Weights

    Ankle Weights

    Increase the effectiveness of workouts by adding extra resistance. Can be used during any form of exercise or rehabilitation program. Manufactured from heavy duty vinyl. Durable and easy to clean. Can be used as ankle or wrist weights. Sold in...

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  • Fitness Illustrated

    Fitness Illustrated

    Tired of the same old fitness advice? You know the drill: Eat less, exercise more, and life will be grand. Sounds easy enough, so why don’t the results follow? And most of all, what can you do to achieve your fitness goals? Fitness Illustrated...

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  • Gym Towel

    Gym Towel

    Manufactured from 400g, 100% cotton, all gym towels have a zip pouch and a brandable strip. Branding not included.  

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  • Aerobic Bars

    Aerobic Bars

    Aerobic bars have a soft, black foam covering for comfort and durability.  All bars are the same length and are colour coded and numbered on the end caps.  The bars have a steel core for even weight distribution. Can be used for sit ups,...

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  • Aerobic Mat Aerobic Mat

    Aerobic Mat (1.2mx0.6mx25mm)

    Designed for floor work and stretching. Mats are 1.2m long X 0.6m wide and 2.5cm thick. Mats are available in a variety of colours. All mats can be manufactured with eyelets for storage on the wall mounted Mat Racks. Covered in...

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