• Agility Ladder 4m Agility Ladder 4m

    Agility Ladder 4m

    Agility and Speed Ladders drills are an excellent way to improve foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness. Available in 4m length made up of 2 X 2m in a carry bag. Flat plastic rungs are adjustable for stride drills or fast feet...

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  • Cross Speed Ladder Cross Speed Ladder

    Agility Ladder 8m

    Cross Ladder. Used for sports specific direction change and side-stepping drills. Combine forward and lateral movements. Supplied in 4 primary colours.    

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  • Developing Agility & Quickness

    Developing Agility & Quickness

    The ball handler who fakes and then drives past a defender for an easy score. A pass rusher who leaves a would-be blocker in his wake on the way to sacking the quarterback. A setter who manages to maneuver both body and ball in the blink of an eye to...

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  • Drive Sled

    Drive Sled

    Designed for pushing and pulling exercises. Handles allow for easy direction change and more variety of drills. Flat bottom to allow for even pushing or pulling on any surface. Hold olympic 2" weight plates (sold separately). Includes heavy duty harness...

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  • Speed Parachute

    Fizique Speed Parachute

    Develop speed, acceleration and power. Mesh panels increase resistance and prevents tangling. Provides progressive resistance depending on speed of user. Easy release belt for acceleration training. Adjustable belt fits most athletes.    

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  • Harness Only

    Harness Only

    Create your own training tool. Mix and match with any of the speed cords, belts and resistors to increase the variety of drills and develop different skills.  

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  • Kids Agility Ladder 6 X 2m

    Kids Agility Ladder 6 X 2m

    Agility ladder Flat plastic rungs are adjustable for stride drills or fast feet drills. Supplied in set of 6 x 2m lengths. One of each colours. (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple & Orange).

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  • Push Pull Sled

    Push Pull Sled (includes Harness)

    The added push handle helps develop powerful hip and leg drive. Heavy duty steel and welded construction makes a very strong frame. Front harness attachment for even pulling. Rear handle for pushing. Holds standard 1" weight plates (sold separately)...

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  • Reaction Belts

    Reaction Belts

    Reaction, Evasion, Direction Change Each athlete wears a waist belt and they are connected by a velcro strap. Athletes perform shadow drills attempting to break away from each other. Basic belt includes 1 pair of breakaway cords of 110cm each. Advanced...

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  • 2m Speed Agility Ladder

    Speed Ladder 2m

    Agility ladder Flat plastic rungs are adjustable for stride drills or fast feet drills. Supplied in 2m lengths Available in 6 colours. (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple & Orange).

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  • Speed Power Agility Belt Only

    Speed Power Agility Belt Only

    The Speed Power & Agility Belt is used with your over speed cords for over speed training. With one additional belt you can now involve a second person into one drill allowing more efficient training.  

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  • Speed Sack

    Speed Sack

    The FIZIQUE Speed Sack is designed to improve speed and explosiveness. The sack can be  loaded with 5kg Sand bags (sold separately), to make the load variable.  The speed sack should only be used on grass, astroturf or similar surfaces and...

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  • Agility Dots

    Agility Dots

    Great for reaction and agility training. Flat, non-slip rubber to prevent injury. Set up in a few seconds. Create fun, functional drills. Dots are sold individually. Available in the following colours: Yellow, red, blue, green, purple and orange.  

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  • Agility Hurdles Agility Hurdles

    Agility Hurdles

    Lightweight and durable PVC hurdles that can improve agility, strength, power and athleticism.  Set up courses to teach obstacle avoidance, high knee lift or fast feet. Available in 4 sizes - 2'', 6", 9'', 12'' and 20''. Sold individually

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  • Agility Ring

    Agility Ring

    Ideal for reaction and agility drills. Available in various colours. Rings have 45cm diameter. Easy to set up, portable. Great for group training.  

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