• Aqua Neck Collar

    Aqua Collar

    Designed for aquatic therapy and rehabilitation. The flotation collar easily supports users, which makes it perfect for patients and exercisers who aren't completely comfortable with the water. The Aqua Collar is designed to cradle the user's...

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  • Aqua Cuffs Aqua Cuffs

    Aqua Cuffs

    Improve muscle tone and enhance aerobic conditioning Aqua Cuffs buoyant design gives users a chance to really work and engage leg muscles. You are forced to constantly keep the resistance cuffs underwater.

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  • Pool Noodle 2m

    Aqua EVA Pool Noodle

    Pool noodle are used for aqua aerobics and for added support in the water. They are supplied in 2m lengths and made from EVA foam so they are more durable and resistant to chlorine.   

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  • Aqua Float

    Aqua Float

    The FIZIQUE Aqua Float is designed to help children learn to swim.  It helps them develop more confidence in the water and perfect their body position for swimming and kicking.   The Aqua Float is rocket shaped and has a mesh hammock which...

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  • Aqua Trainer Belt

    Aqua Trainer Belt

    Aqua Trainer Belt is an ideal and comfortable floatation aid in deep water, during water aerobics and water training. It can be used alone (cardiovascular training) or in combination with aqua dumbbells for body toning and muscle...

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  • Water Walkers

    Aqua Water Walkers

    The water walkers provide resistance against the buoyancy of the water. Water Walkers provide two to three times the resistance with movement in the water. They develop core and lower extremity strength with proper body positioning and mechanics. They...

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  • Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual

    Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual

    The Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual focuses on vertical exercise in both shallow and deep water. An improved, user-friendly layout includes an expanded glossary and index, added references, and new and revised charts. Library of...

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  • Aqua Barbell

    Aqua Barbell (75cm)

    Excellent all round piece of flotation equipment The Aqua Barbell is 75cm long. Used under the water for aquatic resistance exercises as well as strength and conditioning exercises.  It can be used on top of water for support and balance e.g. gait...

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  • Aqua Dumbbell Aqua Dumbbell

    Aqua Dumbbells

    Aqua Dumbbells are used for aqua aerobics and water training. They provide resistance based on the depth under water, shape of the dumbbell, whether its being moved to or away from the user. Perfect for upper body workouts. Used underwater to provide...

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  • Aqua Gloves

    Aqua Fitness Gloves

    The aqua fitness gloves allow the individual to perform the exercises in the water while gaining the benefits of the resistance against the water. The gloves allow for smooth movements in the water as well as faster propulsion. These durable, long...

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  • Anti-Chlorine Hair & Body Wash 220ml

    Anti-Chlorine Hair & Body Wash 220ml

    You love to swim, but are you tired of the odour of chlorine that clings to you long after your pool session is over? This formulation works to neutralise the harsh chlorine chemical and unpleasant chlorine odour from your hair and skin. This...

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