• EVA Foam Roller EVA Foam Roller

    Foam Roller

    Closed cell EVA maintains shape even after consistent use. Ideal for soft tissue work, core training and balance. Durable and non porous so it prevents bacteria from penetrating the surface. Great for yoga, Pilates and massage. Our foam rollers...

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  • 90cm, black, molded high density foam rollers

    Molded Foam Roller

    The FIZIQUE Molded foam rollers is manufactured from cell-free foam so it will not flatten out or break down like most traditional foam rollers.  Molded foam rollers can be used for self massage or myofascial release and alignment. Using a foam...

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  • Pilates Ball Pilates Ball

    Pilates Balls

    Soft, lightweight and portable. Build muscle strength and endurance through slow motion exercises. Improve alignment, stability, flexibility and endurance. Available in 3 sizes 7"  9" 12"

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  • Pilates Ring

    Pilates Ring

    Flexible ring with padded handles. Provides resistance and neuromuscular feedback during exercise. Used to tone arms, chest, hips and thighs. Ring is covered in soft, rubber like foam. Handles are plastic molded with foam padding for extra comfort.

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  • Yoga Bricks

    Yoga Brick

    Provide extra stability in yoga poses. Strong enough to support full body weight. Made from EVA foam. Available in blue.

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  • Yoga Kit

    Yoga Kit

    Buy the kit and save This yoga kit includes 1 X Yoga Mat 1 X Yoga Strap 2 X yoga Blocks.   Colours may vary from image shown due to stock availability.

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  • Yoga Mats

    Yoga Mat PVC

    Lightweight and extremely durable. Textured with a non-slip surface. Sticky surface allows for more stability during poses. Various colour available. Size - 1.7m long x 0.60m wide

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  • Yoga Strap

    Yoga Strap

    A textured cotton yoga strap can assist any yogi in reaching far away arms and legs in any pose. Not only will cotton straps help improve flexibility and alignment, they can help you achieve poses that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. This...

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