• Foam Balance Beam for Mini Gymnastics Foam Balance Beam for Mini Gymnastics

    Balance Beam (Foam)

    The FIZIQUE Foam Balance Beam is designed for home gymnastics training.  The beam is lightweight and portable.  The beam is manufactured from high density foam that will not collapse and is supplied in 2 X 1.2 m sections that...

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  • Balance Board

    Balance Board

    Improve stability, balance and co-ordination and is ideal for ankle rehabilitation and core training. Plastic construction 40cm diameter

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  • Balance Cushion 32cm

    Balance Cushion 32cm

    Balance cushions are designed for balance and core training. They can be used while standing or lying on the floor and the dome shape of the balance cushion will make it unstable. Balance cushions are also great for children with attention deficit as...

  • Balance Pad Balance Pad

    Balance Pad

    Fizique Balance Pad is the choice of professionals to help restore balance and improve stability and coordination. The Balance Pad is a form of therapy & training equipment. The destabilizing surface make it suitable for use in the restoration of...

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  • Balance Path

    Balance Path

    Great activity for developing children’s gross motor skills. Build many different paths by combining the straight and curved paths. Our balancing path consists of 28 detachable pieces in 6 colors which can be slotted together to form variety...

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  • Hedgehog Hedgehog


    Improve dynamic balance. Arrange with flat-side down or up for varied levels of difficulty. Ideal for balance and stabilisation training.

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  • Gross Motor Skills Set Gross Motor Skills Set

    Motor Skills Set

    The FIZIQUE Gross Motor Kit is made up of 114 items: 5 Prs Hand Prints 5 Prs Foot prints 4 X Hoops 57cm 4 X Hoops 34 cm 4 X Hoops 17cm 4 X Squares 43cm 4  X Traingles 30cm 6 X Bricks 3 X Balance Plates 12 X Cones 8 X Connectors Various Lengths of...

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  • Wooden Rocker Board

    Rocker Board

    The FIZIQUE rocker board is functional and durable and can be used by professionals or at home. The FIZIQUE rocker board only gives 1 plane of instability and is ideal for basic balance training. The rocker board base tilts and rocks to challenge your...

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  • Stepping Logs

    Stepping Logs

    Manufactured from high-quality, durable plastic, Stepping Logs help youngsters develop balance, coordination and a sense for the great outdoors - without the dirt. Encourage children to develop their own obstacle courses when combined with Stepping...

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  • Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stones

    Featuring six interconnected, sturdy, flat-topped pedoplastic stones and a durable adjustable rope, Stepping Stones provide children with an all-in-one interactive obstacle course which helps develop balance and coordination. Each set consists of 6...

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  • Super Stompers

    Super Stompers

    Super stompers help children develop co-ordination, balance, strength and control. Developing these skills helps children to understand their bodies, improves proprioception and spatial awareness.  They are also a great introduction to stilt...

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  • Small Wedge Cushion

    Wedge Cushion

    Inflatable PVC wedge Inflatable wedge requires active participation from user to assume correct sitting posture. Helps strenghten lower back muscles. The balance cushion can be inflated or deflated to increase or decrease difficulty. Small balance...

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  • Wooden Balance Beam Wooden Balance Beam

    Wooden Balance Beam

    The wooden balance beam has 2 difficulty levels. The beam can be turned on its side for a more challenging balancing surface. Beam is 1.5m long.

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  • Wooden Wobble Balance Board Wooden Wobble Balance Board

    Wooden Wobble Board

    The FIZIQUE Wooden Wobble board has a 40cm diameter and has been designed to help treat and prevent knee and ankle injuries. The wooden wobble board can also be used to help improve balance.The FIZIQUE Wooden Wobble board is suitable for all ages and...

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