Alphabet & Counting

  • Student Abacus Student Abacus

    Abacus - Learner

    An abacus is an excellent teaching tool for building basic maths skills in counting, addition and subtraction. Available in 1 colour & 2 colour. Abacus has 100 beads.

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  • Alphabet Bean Bags

    Alphabet Bean Bags (Set of 26) ENGLISH

    Who said learning your ABCs had to be difficult, dull or dreary? Alphabet Bean Bags are an excellent way of combining active-play with reading fundamentals. Take the playground to the classroom and actively engage children in learning processes that are...

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  • Creature and insect counters for counting, sorting and fine motor skills

    Creature Counters

    These are perfect to teach sorting and counting skills. The tweezers also assist with fine motor control. Set includes 10 counters and 1 giant tweezer. Colours and actual counters may vary with each set.  

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  • Number Bean Bags (Set of 10) ENGLISH Number Bean Bags (Set of 10) ENGLISH

    Number Bean Bags (Set of 10) ENGLISH

    Bean bags have always been a valuable learning aid in any pre-primary and primary school classroom. Number Bean Bags are labelled with numbers from 1 to 10 and an accompanying graphic representation of each number. Number Bean Bags are a great way to...

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  • Number Cones Set of 10

    Number Cones - Set of 10

    The FIZIQUE Kids number comes are supplied in a set of 10 units. Numbers 0-9. All cones are 9" high and yellow with the numbers clearly marked in black. Cones can be used as teaching aids for maths, counting and sums.

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