Catch & Throw

  • Ball in Ball

    Ball In Ball 7'

    This clear ball is ideal for developing hand eye coordination. The outer ball is transparent with 2 smaller balls inside which are coloured. When the ball is thrown the 2 smaller balls inside move around.

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  • Baseball Set

    Baseball Set

    This plastic baseball set is designed to develop hand eye coordination in children of all ages.  It can also be used to develop hitting skills. Lightweight baseball bat and ball. Ideal for smaller kids.

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  • Bean Bag Purple Bean Bag Purple

    Bean Bag Purple

    Bean bags are an excellent way to help develop gross motor skills and let children have fun at the same time.  Bean Bags are ideal for children because: They are easy to catch as they move slower through the air They dont bounce or roll away They...

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  • Flip & Catch

    Flip & Catch

    The FIZIQUE Kidz Flip and Catch is designed to develop hand-eye-foot coordination in children of all ages.Develop gross motor skills while you have loads of fun.* Great for development of hand and leg muscles, eye-hand co-ordination (when...

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  • Horse Shoe Throw

    Horse Shoe Throw

    The FIZIQUE Kidz Ring Toss set is made especially for children and features durable plastic for safe play. Kid-friendly ring toss action is great for both indoors and outdoors. Your child will develop coordination skills and receive exercise while...

  • Gross Motor Skills Set Gross Motor Skills Set

    Motor Skills Set

    The FIZIQUE Gross Motor Kit is made up of 114 items: 5 Prs Hand Prints 5 Prs Foot prints 4 X Hoops 57cm 4 X Hoops 34 cm 4 X Hoops 17cm 4 X Squares 43cm 4  X Traingles 30cm 6 X Bricks 3 X Balance Plates 12 X Cones 8 X Connectors Various Lengths of...

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  • Rebound Training Net Rebound Training Net

    Rebound Training Net

    Sturdy construction with high quality net. Improve your hand eye co-ordination, ball control, fitness, concentration and consistency. Quick and easy to assemble. Lightweight structure. SIZE - 1m x 1m.  

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  • Colour & Shape Mat

    Shape & Colour Mat

    The FIZIQUE Kids Shape and Colour mat is the perfect way to combine shape, colour, size and position recognition. The mat is manufactured from heavy duty vinyl so it can be used indoor and outdoor and is easy to wipe clean.   Mat Size: 1m X...

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  • Soft Ball

    Soft Ball

    A soft, 30cm ball that can be used for all catching and throwing games. These colourful balls are light-weight safe and durable. Colours and designs may vary.

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  • Target Mat

    Target Mat

    This Target Mat Game measures 1m X 1m and features a large target made of concentric circles. It can be made the centrepiece of all kinds of group activities that encourage interaction, co-ordination and exercise. Coated with PVC for strength and water...

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  • Touch & Feel Bean Bags

    Touch & Feel Bean Bags

    The FIZIQUE Touch & Feel Bean Bags are the perfect sensory tool for children of all ages. The set includes 12 bean bags each with a different texture: Fluffy, rough, slippery, shiny, you name it a massive range of sensory fabrics made into...

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  • Swing & Catch Cups


    This simple, time-tested game is a wonderful learning aid that helps children to develop hand-eye coordination and motor-skills. Children simply swing the ball and catch it in the cup. This toy provides hours of entertainment while developing gross...

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  • Reaction Ball Small

    Reaction Balls

    Improve hand eye co-ordination and reaction. Drop or throw the ball then chase it as it changes direction. Ridges on the ball cause it to change direction and bounce erratically. Train alone or in small groups. Large size bounces higher and is easier to...

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