• Leather Ankle Strap Leather Ankle Strap

    Ankle Cuff - Leather

    The Fizique Leather Ankle Cuff is designed to fit any cable pulley system. The strap is made from leather and has a fur layer inside for added comfort. The ankle straps are sold individually and will fit most ankle sizes.  

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  • Arm Blaster

    Arm Blaster

    The FIZIQUE Arm Blaster is a simple device, designed to be worn around the neck when the lifter is performing biceps curls. The arm blaster ensures that the arms remain tight against the body whilst performing the movement, and promotes proper form...

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  • Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates

    Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plate

    Olympic weight plates are designed to fit any olympic weight bar with a 5cm diameter.  The FIZIQUE Cast iron plates are coated with a non chip coating to protect the weights from rust and other natural elements.  The tri grip design makes...

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  • Core Trainer Core Trainer - Single

    Core Trainer Single

    Add an Olympic bar and weights for a challenging, functional core workout. Challenges all muscles of the torso. Portable!  Use indoor and outdoor. Multi direction swivel is ideal for rotational exercises. Add weight plates for additional...

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  • Farmers Walk Handles

    Farmers Walk Handles (Pair)

    The Farmers walk (or Farmer's Carry) is a simple, compound movement that involves the simple act of picking something heavy up in each hand and walking with it for as long as you can. Farmers walk improves grip strength which is beneficial for...

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  • Flat Bench

    Flat Bench - Home Use

    The FIZIQUE Flat Bench is sturdy and compact and designed for home or light commercial use.  The frame is constructed from heavy duty steel tubing and the body is manufactured from high density foam with double stitched upholstery. The...

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  • Gym Chalk box of 8 pieces Gym Chalk Individual

    Gym Chalk

    A basic essential, Gym Chalk is made from the same magnesium carbonate formula that rock climbers trust when their lives depend on a firm grip. So when it comes to dealing with sweaty palms in the weight room, you're in good hands.   Gym Chalk...

  • Heavy Duty Wrist Straps

    Heavy Duty Wrist

    Get these great wrist straps that provide support and stability during intense training and can also be used for Golf, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis and CROSSFIT. Sizes: One size fits allMaterial: Heavy Duty Knitted Engineered Elastic

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  • Ladies Lifting Straps

    Ladies Lifting Straps

    Ladies Lifting Straps is a must have for those ladies who do weight training. These straps are designed to prevent loss of grip, increasing lifting capacity while isolating the back & shoulder muscles for a stronger workout. Great product to help you...

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  • Lifting Hooks

    Lifting Hooks

    This great stainless steel hook is used for chin-ups, cable rows, dead lifts, shrugs, lat pull-downs and more! Add this awesome product to your gym accessories. Sizes: One size fit allMaterial: Stainless steel hook with a neoprene wrist strap

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  • Lifting Straps

    Lifting Straps

    Get these great lifting straps that provide great support and are mainly used during weight training to provide added grip for pulling exercises. This helps isolate the specific muscle in the back & shoulders during stronger workouts. Sizes: One...

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  • Lightweight Wrist Straps

    Lightweight Wrist Straps

    A perfect way to protect your wrists while enjoying your favourite sport. These comfortable straps are breathable and allow maximum support without interfering with your natural movement. They also provide support and stability during intense...

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  • Neoprene Dumbbell Rack Small - 5 Pairs

    Neoprene Dumbbell Rack

    Neoprene Dumbbell Racks.   Great value, lightweight racks. Tubular steel is durable and strong. This storage rack is designed to hold 5 pairs of aerobic/neoprene coated dumbbells. Dumbbells not included  

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  • Power Grip Pads Power Grip Pads

    Power Grip Pads with Wrist Support

    Power Grip pads improve grip during lifting and weight training. The non-slip pad texture rests on your hand and bar providing protection and cushioning to the palm and fingers. Sizes: One size fit allMaterial: Rubberized padding with a...

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  • Rubber Bumper Plates

    Rubber Bumper Plates

    Rubber Bumper Plates allow you to perform your lifting safely, they are tough enough to allow for the daily intensity of the workout. No need to worry about damage to the floor or your bar if dropped while practising snatches, clean & jerk, squats...

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  • Squad Pad for standard and olympic bars

    Squat Pad - Standard / Olympic

    The FIZIQUE Squat pad fits perfectly over both standard and olympic bars.  The squat pad is designed to wrap around the bar and protect the lifters neck and shoulders.  The pad is made from high density foam and covered in vinyl so it is...

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