Water Exercise - Get Fit Feel Good

Water Exercise - Get Fit Feel Good

Published by Bronwen Scholtz on 27th Jan 2019

Water exercise can be a fun and energizing way to workout. Water exercises provide you with strength and aerobic training all using the resistance of the water. Aqua dumbbells look very similar to regular dumbbells but they are made from foam and plastic. Instead of using weight to give you resistance like on land, the aqua dumbbells give you varied resistance under the water. The bigger the foam rings the more resistance will be provided under the water and the more difficult the exercises will be.

When you are exercising with aqua dumbbells you need to keep them under the water for the exercises to be effective. Above the water they provide little or no resistance. The deeper you push the dumbbell under the water the more resistance you will get and the more intense your workout will be. You should generally start small with the “light” dumbbells and as your muscle strength increase you can progress to medium and heavy dumbbells with more rings.

As with all exercise it is important to maintain proper form when performing exercises in the water. If not done correctly injuries can occur. Aqua exercises can be used to strengthen the muscles in your back, shoulder, arms, chest and core.

Aqua exercises are suitable for all ages and fitness levels and is also a great way to keep cool in the summer months while getting your workout in. As a general rule don’t workout in the water alone – accidents can happen whether you are a beginner or advanced swimmer so always have a friend on hand.

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