How to choose the perfect mat for your fitness journey

How to choose the perfect mat for your fitness journey

Published by Bronwen Scholtz on 8th Aug 2018

Among the various fitness equipment to train at home, we find exercise mats have an important role because they allows us to perform exercises on the ground without discomfort..

There are several types of fitness mats currently on the market, the one for fitness in general, pilates and yoga. If you are thinking of buying an exercise mat to train on, consider the differences and buy the one that suits you best. Each mat serves a different function for different exercises, as well as for different sports. Here are some tips to help you make a better purchase.

General fitness mat (Aerobic mat)

This mat is most commonly found in online and offline sporting goods stores. It is usually ideal for free body exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and many other exercises including Pilates and Yoga.

This mat provides enough thickness and density to protect your body from the floor, ideal for home exercises and group classes. Choose among the different sizes on the market to find the one that best suits your use.

Yoga mat

The yoga mat is much thinner compared to the aerobic mat, it is made from PVC to provide a non-slip surface and a sense of balance while practicing yoga. It has a reduced thickness because the main function is to provide a stable and non-slip surface for yoga positions. It is better to avoid using the yoga mat for general fitness exercises because it is not very thick, when you get on your knees, you do crunches, or a plank on the elbows, there is a risk of discomfort.

Pilates Mat

This mat is non-slip like the yoga mat but is thicker like the Aerobic Mat due to most of the Pilates exercises being performed on the ground.

Gym Mats

These mats are generally used in gyms and fitness clubs. They take up a much larger space and cannot be folded. The mats can be linked together to cover a larger area which is ideal for stretching zones and floor work. It is mainly in the gym and in some clubs.

What kind of mat do you use to train? Are you still looking for the perfect mat for you and your fitness journey? Don’t stress about it! Check out our mats collection and see what suits you and your budget. 

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