• Super Band Handles

    Super Band Handles

    The FIZIQUE Super Band Handles are designed to make the super bands more versatile for a range of exercises. The handles can be attached to the red, black, purple and green super bands to allow the user to perform a variety of different exercises with...

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  • Super Band Multi Purpose Strap

    Super Band Multi Purpose Strap

    The Super Band Multi Purpose Strap is ideal for looping the bands around poles on the sports field, out doors or in the gym. This then provides a fixed point to use for your super band training.  The strap can also act as a door anchor for...

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  • Super Band Connector

    Super Band Wall Bracket

    The Super Band Connector  is designed to link bands directly to each other and to avoid tying the bands or knotting them. The connector also makes it easier to disconnect the bands after training to prevent them from becoming damaged. The connector...

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  • Super Bands

    Super Bands

    Super bands are resistance training bands designed for heavy-duty use.  Super bands are effective for both upper and lower body training and can be used for a variety of strength, speed, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. Super bands are...

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