Fitness on the Ball

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Exercise balls have steadily become more popular since they were first introduced, for two good reasons: They’re fun and they work! People who are on the ball find themselves rolling toward improvements in strength, flexibility, and cardio-respiratory fitness. Authors Anne Spalding and Linda Kelly published a version of this book just for kids, but they’ve done extensive research and discovered adults like to have fun, too—and stand to benefit just as much as kids in using exercise balls. So the authors expanded this new book to include exercises and information for instructors and participants of all ages and included activities that can be used not only in school gymnasiums and classrooms but in exercise facilities, workplaces, and homes as well.

This book features the following material:
  • A CD-ROM that includes an image bank, reproducibles, activity sheets, assessments, lesson plans, a glossary of terms, and other teachers’ tools
  • An expansion from K-5 to all ages
  • Photos, illustrations, and anatomical drawings depicting the muscles as they are being worked in the five core activities
  • Information and suggestions for using the exercise balls in adapted physical education
The exercises are easy to follow and well illustrated, making this a practical and user-friendly resource. Not only will you be equipped to do or teach the over 110 exercises included in the book, but you’ll also receive valuable advice on managing your equipment and classes to help you—and your participants—get the most out of your program. And the expansion of this book to include all ages makes it perfect for schools, fitness centers, YMCAs, and wherever fitness is valued—even at home.

Fitness on the Ball is presented in three parts: Part I focuses on the basics of using the exercise ball, including safety issues, social and emotional challenges, and management of the ball. Part II features over 110 exercises that you can do on and with the ball, including exercises for core strength, balance, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. Part III explores the latest research on the impact of physical activity on the brain and also explains how to use exercise balls in a variety of settings, including gyms, classrooms, workplaces, and homes.

So if you want to get on the ball and take a step toward a healthier lifestyle—and lead participants in doing so as well—this is the book for you! With its well-researched information, its teacher-tested lesson plans and exercises, its visual format, and its wealth of tools, Fitness on the Ball is a sure hit, no matter what group you lead or setting you are in.

Part I: Exercise Balls and Active Seating Devices: From Benefits to Assessments
Chapter 1: Benefits of Using Exercise Balls
Chapter 2: Selection and Safety of Exercise Balls
Chapter 3: Storage, Distribution, and Management of Exercise Balls
Chapter 4: Assessment, Proper Mechanics, and Social and Emotional Challenges

Part II: Ball Exercises for Fitness: From Basic Positions to Flexibility
Chapter 5: Basic Positions
Chapter 6: Core Strength Exercises
Chapter 7: Balance Exercises
Chapter 8: Cardiorespiratory Fitness Exercises
Chapter 9: Muscular Strength Exercises
Chapter 10: Flexibility Exercises

Part III: Exercise Balls, Active Seating Devices, and Sensory Baskets: From Brain Research to Balancing Our Lives at Home and Work
Chapter 11: Benefits of Movement to Brain and Body
Chapter 12: Strategies for Teaching With the Exercise Ball
Chapter 13: Using Exercise Balls, Active Seating Options, and Sensory Integration Ideas in Classroom Settings
Chapter 14: Balancing Our Lives at Home and at Work Using Active Seating and Sensory Baskets

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