• Anatomy Kinesiology Flashcards

    Anatomy & Kinesiology Flash Cards

    With over 200 superior-quality illustrations, Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards offer students and professionals a convenient way to learn the configurations and actions of musculoskeletal systems. Available in both print and electronic...

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  • Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual

    Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual

    The Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual focuses on vertical exercise in both shallow and deep water. An improved, user-friendly layout includes an expanded glossary and index, added references, and new and revised charts. Library of...

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  • Bigger, Faster, Stronger

    Bigger, Faster, Stronger

    Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) is the premier performance program for high school and college sports. BFS and the book Bigger Faster Stronger have led teams to more than 500 state championships, and that was just the warm up. Now in its third...

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  • Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

    Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

    Increase strength, build mass, burn fat, and define your muscles. With full-color anatomical illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and training advice, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is the authoritative resource for sculpting your physique...

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  • Build It So They Can Play

    Build It So They Can Play

    Product Description Brimming with practical ideas, Build It So They Can Play assists physical education teachers, caregivers, and play group and recreation leaders in building adapted equipment and implementing associated activities to create a...

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  • Complete Guide to Foam Rolling

    Complete Guide to Foam Rolling

    Foam rolling may be one of the best kept secrets in sport, training, and fitness. Proven to stimulate blood flow, prepare muscles, improve mobility and flexibility, initiate the recovery process, and reduce muscle soreness, it is a secret worth sharing...

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  • Core Assessment & Training

    Core Assessment & Training

    Product Description Our understanding of the importance of core health for injury prevention, athletic performance, and rehabilitation grows each day. Make sure you can offer your clients safe and effective programs with Core Assessment and...

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  • Delaviers Core Training Anatomy

    Delaviers Core Training Anatomy

    Product Description Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy is your guide for increasing core strength, stability, flexibility, and tone. Whether you’re just beginning your routine or looking to enhance an existing conditioning program,...

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  • Developing Endurance

    Developing Endurance

    Runners, cyclists, swimmers, rowers, triathletes, and ultradistance athletes must sustain performance at a high level to come out on top. Developing Endurance shows how to achieve optimal stamina to race your best through science-based aerobic,...

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  • Developing Power

    Developing Power

    Authored by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Developing Power is the definitive resource for developing athletic power. In Developing Power, you’ll find research-based recommendations from the world’s...

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  • Developing Speed

    Developing Speed

    Athletes in all sports rely on speed. Whether it involves sprinting down the court on a fast break or chasing a loose ball, speed often contributes to overall athletic ability. Developing Speedteaches you how to elevate your speed in a...

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  • Developing The Core

    Developing the Core

    Elite-level athletes take great pride in their fitness and physical strength. You can’t help but notice the muscular legs or well-defined arms. However, whether they are known for a powerful golf swing or a hard hockey slap shot, the best athletes...

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  • Dynatomy Book


    This title deals with the wonders of human movement and applied anatomy. "Dynatomy: Dynamic Human Anatomy with DVD" is intended for students of human performance who have an understanding of human anatomy and need a strong text in functional anatomy...

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  • Eat, Lift, Thrive

    Eat, Lift, Thrive

    Eat healthy. Exercise. Be happy. It sounds easy enough, so why is it so difficult? Because as millions of women know, it’s not easy. There are challenges and obstacles, and health programs are not one size fits all.Sohee Lee understands, because...

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  • Fitness Illustrated

    Fitness Illustrated

    Tired of the same old fitness advice? You know the drill: Eat less, exercise more, and life will be grand. Sounds easy enough, so why don’t the results follow? And most of all, what can you do to achieve your fitness goals? Fitness Illustrated...

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  • Fitness on the Ball

    Fitness on the Ball

    Product Description Exercise balls have steadily become more popular since they were first introduced, for two good reasons: They’re fun and they work! People who are on the ball find themselves rolling toward improvements in strength,...

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  • Fitness Steps to Success

    Fitness Steps To Success

    Finally, a progressive, easy-to-follow plan for total-body fitness that produces results!Packed with group and at-home exercises, recreational activities, yoga, balance work, core work, and nutrition essentials, Fitness: Steps to...

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