A warm welcome

8th Jan 2016

Okay, so start? type? Lets go? Hi? Hello? Greetings?

How do you start a blog? I'm not so sure myself but one thing I do know is that this is the first time I'll be doing this! Ready? Lets go!

Who is FIZIQUE (say it, Fiz-eek)?

Fizique (yes, Fiz-eek) , once upon a time ago, a very long time ago, started in a garage on our owner's, Bronwen Scholtz, property in 2005. It first started out with a mere four products and soon expanded to over 700 products. Then, Fizique was known as Medi-IQ. As Fizique (formly known as Medi-IQ), grew bigger, it was time for bigger premises in order to facilitate with the production and stock hold. Most of the stock, we are fortunate enough to be able to make. Of course with the assistance of our production team and sewing ladies! This equipment includes a large portion of our strength, rehab and functional training equipment. And so the year went on, so too did the growing of our teeny tiny team. January 31st, 2014 came closer and so the name was changed. We welcomed "FIZIQUE" with open arms and rebranded just about everything. We have a few laughs when we get the odd, "is this Fizzy-I-Q" "hi, is this Fiz-queek". Yes, after a very long day, your sense of humour sometimes gets the better of you and you cant really hold back the good chuckle. 

Back to Fizique. There we were, warehouse and showroom on one property at 5 Star Junction. Our lease ended for our warehouse and so we had to find a new property. Fortunately enough, it was just down the road. Unfortunately enough, things became a little more tricky. But surely the showroom can function without the warehouse you ask? Yes and no. We have our showroom that holds stock but only the small things such our bands, aqua range, agility equipment and so forth. Our warehouse holds our big equipment that we advertise but don't hold in our showroom due to space. These are things such as our benches, squat racks, weight plate holders, rigs, weight plates and boxing bags. So comes the time for a customer to buy a boxing bag and we have to then send them a little further down the road. It becomes an inconvenience to them. We were very lucky in having customers who were understanding of the situation and most times we were able to assist them.

Soon, we laid our eyes on a big big (i mean we're talking literally GIANORMOUS) piece of property. We saw the potential to have our dream warehouse and showroom in one space, as it was before. Lots of hard work, moving, refurbishing, revamping, cutting tree's, choosing paint, choosing flooring and a heck load of thought was gone into it. Was it convenient for our customers? Was it going to be short term? Was it do-able for us. We can proudly announce that we are here to stay! Welcome to our new home. We could probably wave to you on your way past us. And I'm not even kidding. 

One thing is for sure, we haven't ended. Fizique has plans and big ones too. But as like this small little company that it once was that took time to where it is today, so will these plans. Baby baby steps!

From now on we will have this blog, updated daily or weekly. Here we will be able to post news, story's, stuff about new products and basically anything that we feel like. This is to prevent us from clogging up your Facebook newsfeed or your inbox.

Like i said, this is the first time I'm doing this so theres a few learning steps!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the read ;)