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Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) is the premier performance program for high school and college sports. BFS and the book Bigger Faster Stronger have led teams to more than 500 state championships, and that was just the warm up. Now in its third edition, Bigger Faster Stronger is ready for the next generation of athletes and the next level of performance. Inside, you’ll find training guidelines for in-season and off-season weight training, as well as the latest strategies for breaking through plateaus, developing peak strength, and increasing power, flexibility, speed, and agility. You’ll learn the proper exercise techniques for the big four lifts, as well as multiple variations and safety protocols.
You’ll also find recommendations for integrating new equipment, athlete monitoring systems, and other technology into your program to ensure maximum effectiveness and performance gains. Bigger Faster Stronger can accommodate any sport and every level of competition. Safe, effective, and relied on by thousands of athletes, coaches, and administrators, it is the proven performance program you can trust.

Chapter 1 Unified Approach to Training

Chapter 2 BFS Rotational Set-Rep System

Chapter 3 BFS In-Season Training
Chapter 4 BFS Readiness Program
Chapter 5 Six Absolutes of Perfect Technique
Chapter 6 Parallel Squat and Squat Variations
Chapter 7 Power Clean and Quick Lifts
Chapter 8 Hex-Bar Deadlift and Deadlift Variations
Chapter 9 Bench Press and Bench Press Variations
Chapter 10 Sport-Specific Auxiliary Lifts
Chapter 11 Agility and the BFS Dot Drill
Chapter 12 Five-Phase Plyometric Program
Chapter 13 Speed Training
Chapter 14 BFS 1-2-3-4 Flexibility Program
Chapter 15 Organization and Weight Room Design
Chapter 16 Safety and Liability
Chapter 17 Strength and Conditioning Technology

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