Anatomy & Kinesiology Flash Cards

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Study resource for students in undergraduate anatomy and kinesiology courses; also a review resource for professionals in fields dealing with anatomy and movement, such as physical and occupational therapy, athletic training, and fitness instruction. With over 200 superior-quality illustrations, Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards offer students and professionals a convenient way to learn the configurations and actions of musculoskeletal systems. Available in both print and electronic formats and tested in a classroom setting, the resulting product offers students and professionals a dynamic way of studying and retaining information about these systems. 

Unlike other anatomy flashcards that offer only anatomical illustrations, Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards cover all musculoskeletal structures and movements. The cards are broken down into 10 sections: shoulder girdle, shoulder joint, elbow joint complex, wrist and hand joints, neck and atlanto-occipital joints, back-spinal joints, abdominal and respiratory area, pelvic girdle and hip joint, knee joint, and ankle and foot joints. Each section begins with review cards showing the muscles acting on, joints of, and joint movements of that section. Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards also include cards featuring key abbreviations, definitions of anatomical directional terminology, classifications of joints, general anatomical movement terms, and planes and axes of rotation for quick reference. An addendum covers bony landmarks. 

The hand-sized printed flashcards are packaged with a holder so they can be easily transported and readily accessed. The sequence of cards makes it simple to quickly locate a specific muscle or muscle group, and the cards can be reorganized to suit the study needs of each user. The logical organizational structure of the cards makes it easy for students to learn, memorize, and recall the information.

Like the print version, the Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards app provides a convenient study tool for the configurations and actions of musculoskeletal systems. Containing the same illustrations and material as the print version, this app is broken down into sections to provide a true flashcard experience. Within the app, users will encounter a card, think about whether or not they are familiar with the material, and then tap the card to reveal the answer. If necessary, the user may then use a Further Review button to assign the card to a list of follow-up cards to refer back to for additional study.

Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards are a convenient option for students and professionals looking to review the configurations and actions of the musculoskeletal system. This tested approach offers portability and ease of use that textbooks do not always provide.


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